5 Ways To Motivate Yourself When You Feel Demotivated

5 Ways To Motivate Yourself When You Feel Demotivated

Life is not the same every day. Some days are awful, some may be great and some just normal or rather say ‘not so happening’. What keeps us going through all the ups and downs of life is motivation. It is the motivation that get us from our beds, dress and encourages us to work for what we believe in. But it is not always possible to move on if we feel demotivated. It is normal to be affected negatively by something which we did not want to happen. But once this feeling sets in for a little longer, it gives birth to a bigger problem and takes us away from the spirit of living. Hence, it is essential to seize the dot at the right time so that it does not take a long time to get back on track. There are a plenty of ways to motivate but

Here are most impressive five ways to motivate yourself if you feel demotivated:


  1. Acceptance


Yes, this is the first move for every situation. Whether you are right or wrong, motivated or demotivated, just accept the fact. Demotivation generally starts with a lack of commitment to work. Then it takes the form of piling work and the feeling never leaves you. So, you need to accept that you are demotivated and it is OK to be! Accept your lethargy, unwillingness and whatever you feel. Then go on to why part. Try to find out the reason for your feeling. It can be fear, wrong goals, conflicts or lack of clarity. Be strong to talk to yourself and sort the things the way they affect you. Alone time never hurts.


  1. Open Up Your Mind to Someone

Open Up Your Mind to Someone

 As a human, you need to socialize. In case of feeling demotivated, just talk to someone close, one you know will listen to you. Though it is not important to share the feeling of demotivation, you may feel light after talking about the issue. Sometimes, it is enough to just listen to your loved one to uplift your mood.


  1. Get Off the Screen

Get Off the Screen

Getting solace from the mobile screen will only worsen the problem. You may get more demotivated while scrolling down thousands of pictures of so-called ‘happy’ people or watching motivating videos.  If you want to get things clear, talk to real people and you may find the solution.


  1. Go Out

Go Out

It is not necessary to go to some event or public place but if you feel like going, then to go to one. Go for a long walk and avoid thinking about anything. If possible, watch the sunrise or sunset, and appreciate the beauty of nature. It will make you at peace.


  1. Get Power Naps

Get Power Naps

This works like magic. If you are tired even if you have not worked and half of the day is gone, then take a power nap and see the change. The duration of nap is essential and it has to be within 10 to 15 minutes. This will recharge you from inside you may start feeling motivated.


Motivation is the key to achievement. It encourages you to live more and create more of everything that you love. So, this feeling needs to replenish timely so that you live your life to the fullest. Every individual has his/her way to deal with the situation. The above mentioned ways to motivate may get you back on the track. So, go and get up to chase the feeling.

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