5 ways countries can use technology to fight Corona Virus

technology used in coronavirus

You must have seen a stamp on quarantined people coming to India after COVID-19 spread. What was the purpose? COVID-19 is haunting over 100 countries as there is no stopping it. This global pandemic has made the elected governments lean on technology or Artificial Intelligence to get control of the current situation and to prevent it from getting out of hands. As China, one of the biggest powers has already initiated steps to fight the virus via Artificial Intelligence and data science and big tech companies like Alibaba, Baidu, Huawei have fostered their healthcare initiatives. Another example, Singapore has come up with an app called Trace Together which uses Bluetooth signals to keep track of how many potential infectors are coming in contact with others. Similarly, India is also stemming itself ahead in the usage of technology and AI to control the pandemic.

Here’s how countries use or can use AI to control the spread of the pandemic.


Tracking Location

Tracking location is one of the most effective techniques in having control of a situation like this pandemic. Once diagnosed with the deadly virus, tracking and forecasting the outbreak helps the govt. to formulate further actions to put control of the total number of cases and death tolls. It also gives them a better understanding of the differentiation of asymptomatic and symptomatic people.

Response to the identified cases

Smart image reading systems made with AI can detect Covid-19 cases upto 96% accuracy by analyzing the CT scans of the patients’ chest. We are at a war with an unseen enemy! Doctors, Nurses, and healthcare service providers are our soldiers who are at the frontline in protecting the nation can use Artificial Intelligence or AI to closely examine the patients and work on discovering the vaccine for the new virus. Nation-wide usage of technology can help doctors in easy communication which further fosters the process of sharing a database of patients.

Effective Medical supplies

Once you have tracked the cases and diagnosed them, the demand for medical supplies strikes high. This mass surveillance can evaluate those infected in a more productive way and ensure proper medical facilities for them. Alibaba’s Alipay is using blockchain technology to align their supply chain needs and is helping to determine the channels and demand rate throughout India. Alibaba is a fine example of using technology to battle Coronavirus.

Be responsible with information without reliable sources

Today, every single minute passes with a ping on phone regarding coronavirus updates and we keep trusting everything. The thin line between fake news and factual news vanishes off in today’s era. By using the technology, the authorities can take charge of information circulated to the public and also update them with the new symptoms and related precautions to help them fight against the disease. For e.g. India’s appeal to Whatsapp for the same limited the message forwards to five people only.

Mechanical working

How many of you take a glass of water by yourself when feeling thirsty? Most of the time we ask our mom or siblings to pass us a glass of water. Well, it’s great if that work is done by a robot in your house. For developed nations like China, it’s easy to switch to the robotic tools to prevent the spread of the virus. They can use their high-tech devices to build robots to ensure the regular functioning of the market and avoid infection to anyone. These can be considered as hygienic and faster than a human force. If living in a developed country with an absolute balance of AI one won’t expect any hindrance and fluctuations in the economy.

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