11 Summer Essentials For All The Lovies

Summer Essentials

Now that spring is officially over, we can finally dread the freaky summer season. There is no escape from longer days, sweaty armpits and the crazy sunstrokes. For all the girls out there, we understand your pain of melting makeup and trust us, we go through the same struggle every single day!

It’s 2019 and we still can’t have air conditioners around us at every second of our life. Screw you, technology! We expect you to be getting better at a faster pace.

Now that technology and science are not helping us much, we thought why not guide you on your summer essentials for all the lovies. Some basic things you gotta carry in your bag at all the times and somethings you need in your wardrobe.

So, let’s take a dive in the pool of summer essentials for all the lovies and make your handbag a bit handier!

1. Sunglasses To The Rescue

11 Summer Essentials For All The Lovies

We know how the sun is killing us these days; hence, we need some protection for our peepers. Yes, we know you do own quite a few pairs but you gotta use them to protect your eyes from the sunbeam and not just for your selfie session. So, take them out and slay your day without getting your optic nerve damaged.

Moreover, who doesn’t love staying cool with gorgeous oversized sunglasses?

2. Wet Wipes To Make Your Day Less Sweaty

Wet Wipes To Make Your Day Less Sweaty

A MUST HAVE IN YOUR BAG! Going through a day without sweating is nearly impossible and that is the reason you need these in your purse. A dab of it would save you a hell lot of embarrassment. The melting foundation has never led to a good impression. PERIOD. If you can’t find wet wipes nearby, carrying some dry tissues will come handy as well.

The accumulation of dirt and grime on your skin needs an instant solution.

3. Sunscreen, Because Who Else Is Covering Up For Our Skin?

11 Summer Essentials For All The Lovies

If we have suggested you save your optic nerve, we can’t miss on the largest organ of the body, your skin. Your face is your identity and getting it all under the terrible tan of India is not going to help you have a great date. Before you step out, just make sure you have a layer of sunscreen on your arms and all the parts that show in your outfit.

Buying a sunscreen with SPF suiting your skin shade will help you better. Hence, buy with the assistance of a specialist.

4. Dry shampoo For The Sweat Glands Of Hair


Dry shampoo For The Sweat Glands Of Hair

We know how sweaty hair can give you bad hair days. To get rid of such terrible sweaty hair, you need dry shampoo. Because who is willing to wash & dry their weave every day? Personally, I feel that we are kind of not ready for that kind of struggle.

If you need a word from an expert, just keep in mind that a dry shampoo with essential oils will give your hair a fresh look and fragrance without the headache of damaging them with the heat of hairdryer every other day.

5. Pastels In Your Wardrobe

Pastels In Your Wardrobe

We know black is your go-to color for clothes and your soul but let’s change this for summer essentials for all the lovies. We are aware of the fact that black absorbs most heat and we don’t want that happening to our body.

So, this summer, get the pastels out and have a sorted summery vacation. We don’t want you to absorb all the heat and sweat like a pig whole day in that LBD. Yes, it looks sexy on you, we get that. But why would you want to ruin your outfit with all the fluids of your body?

6. Perfume/Body Mist To Get Rid Of Soggy Smell

Perfume/Body Mist To Get Rid Of Soggy Smell

Yes, for all the women out there, carrying a perfume bottle is such a basic necessity. You can never miss this necessity in this terrible summer. A pocket-size perfume will help you go through a month.

Investing in a good perfume is going to take you a long way in making good first impressions. Moreover, who doesn’t want to smell all fresh when you greet someone at the beginning of the day? I DO!

7. Water Bottle For The Hydration


Water Bottle For The Hydration

How can we miss a basic necessity of life? WATER! Even doctors say that consuming water will keep your skin fresh and glowing, so why to skip on that one? Carrying a water bottle along with you is going to make your life so much easier.

An added suggestion would be to select any non-plastic water bottle for health reasons.

8. Cotton Clothes All The Way

Cotton Clothes All The Way


It is obvious that you know the benefits of cotton. However, do we actually keep that in mind before selecting our outfits, especially the summer ones? We pick synthetic clothes because they are trendy and chic.

But did you know that synthetic clothes can irritate your skin and leave you with real bad scratchy skin?

9. Waterproof Makeup


Waterproof Makeup

This essential goes without saying. As mentioned before, makeup melts like ice and you are left with a ruined look by the end of the day. So, opting for waterproof makeup is the best advice we have received and for the same reason, we are passing it on to you.

I hope this one comes handy!

10. Hair Ties


Hair Ties

Okay, we can’t stress enough on this one! Even if we pack hundreds of hair ties in our bag, we girls know, we have the capability of losing them in some ten days.

Also, we can’t always let our bangs down in this scorching heat. Pulling up your hair in a pony will help you slay your day at work more easily.

11. Insect Repellent


Insect Repellent

Unlike us, insects are quite excited for this season. We wish they could suck up our fat and not blood. Sadly, that is not gonna happen. So, we had to include it in must-haves this summer. Other than these, you can also carry some period-delay pills, contraceptives, and antimalarial to have a sorted summer.

We hope this list helps you get over all your daily struggles. You gotta slay anyway, no matter what season it is! These are the 11 Summer Essentials For All The Lovies in this Summer.


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