Want to Look Different in a Party? Follow These Simple Party Makeup Tips

how to Look Different in a Party

Want to look different at a party? Well, right makeup is the key to have the sort of impression you want to have at any party. Knowing the basics, you can experiment with make-up to choose one that suits you the best and at the same time makes you feel comfortable.

An evening event provides you the opportunity to bring back all the glittery and smoky make-up that has been sitting long in the back of your make-up kit. So, no more holding yourself back to join the bash. Do make-up keeping in mind the following tips and you will be all ready to stand out in the next party:


  1. Prepare the Skin Before Applying Make-up

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It is necessary to prepare your skin by deep cleansing it before applying any make-up on it. It is best to apply an exfoliating mask, a day before the party night, which will not only remove dead skin cells but will also rejuvenate your skin. Take the mask off and apply a coat of moisturizer and lip balm to start with the makeup. If in a hurry, you can go for a bit of eye cream to hide the fine line and wrinkles, making it easy to apply concealer.


  1. Highlight a Feature

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Pick up one feature to highlight on your face. It doesn’t mean that strong eyes cannot go with bright lips, but it would keep overpowering each other and neither of them would appear highlighted. Besides, it could dampen your overall look.

So, either go for smoky eyes with a neutral shade or smooth balm on lips or choose a combination of dark lipstick with restrained eyeliner and mascara.


  1. The Tilt of Cat Eyeliner

eye liner

The party look is incomplete without eyeliner. Highlight your eyes with black strokes of eyeliner to get a bold look. For the perfect tilt of cat eyeliner, follow the semicircular line of your eye and tilt it upwards.


  1. Stick with the basics

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Do not overdo your base make-up in the name of a party look. Going heavier on anything (matte or opaque) can result in a blunder. Choose the base which is suitable for your skin and also makes your face picture friendly. You can go a little intense or rather prefer a mix of foundation with a little moisturizer.It will not only give you a subtle glow but will also make layering easier.


  1. Last it


Make sure your make up lasts as parties can be never-ending sessions with night-long entertainment. Chances of melting down your make up are more with all the hard work in dancing, smudging your face. Therefore, investing in a good primer will let you enjoy the party without fearing any smears.

There are several ways to look different in a party but the above-mentioned party makeup tips will aid your creativity in experimenting and add a gleam to your look at the same time.

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