12 Myths About Traveling Debunked

12 Myths About Traveling Debunked

Our Instagram feed is filled with travel blogger’s pictures. The trending terms like “Wanderlust” “Voyage” “Travelbaby” have made everyone obsessed with the idea of exploring the world. However, not many try to explore the world enough. Our question here is “WHY’S THAT?” We are not very sure what goes around in your head but we can definitely say that people have some crazy myths about traveling. We would like to break the bubble of myths for you today.

For the people who are spreading the wrong word out there, please do us a favor and kindly keep your incomplete knowledge to yourself! We have done our research and are presenting the facts that will make you pack your bags and plan your next vacay! Here are 12 Myths About Traveling:

1. Traveling Is An Expensive Affair

Traveling Is An Expensive Affair

Nothing is free on the face of the earth, so, even travel won’t come free. However, people have some drastic ideas about how much money traveling needs. This myth is a result of fancy travel magazines and advertisements. Nothing is as good as they portray it to be. People have started equating travel with luxury. Trust us, that is not the case.

You need to research on your own before you trust the fancy travel brochure.

2. Not Safe For Women

Not Safe For Women

For the people who say this, we didn’t ask for your two cents. Just saying! Being a woman, I can say that travel can broaden your horizons and once you step out to do the same, you will realize how wrong you were.

Both men and women face the same hazards when they leave their homes. Yes, women have to be extra cautious but that doesn’t mean men are free to travel and they are risk-free.

You just need to be smart enough to control all kinds of situations. After all, precaution is better than cure.

3. It Is For Young And Single

It Is For Young And Single

Want to lead a boring life after you are married and 40+? Follow this myth and tadaaa… there you have a monotonous family for the rest of your life.

Bag packing with your spouse can be equally exciting and can give you better memories of the trip. Aging means a painful body but that doesn’t mean you have to stop exploring what the world has to offer.

4. Couch Surfing Is Unsafe

Couchsurfing Is Unsafe

Staying with a stranger? How can that be safe? That’s the exact thought everyone has. However, couch surfing doesn’t mean you ask a stranger to give you shelter.

It helps you connect to people who are willing to give travelers a place to stay. You can go through the reviews and choose the host for yourself.

5. English Is The Only Language You Need To Know


English Is The Only Language You Need To Know

Approximately 20% of people on Earth speak English. The rest don’t speak English at all. Hence, you cannot travel the whole world just on the basis of knowledge of English.

It can only help you cover 20% of the world and the rest 80% will still remain unexplored.

6. All-Inclusive Means You’ll Just Pay One Price


All-Inclusive Means You’ll Just Pay One Price

This is one trick most people fall for. However, we are here to clear a few things in this aspect. Most costs are covered under initial payment but some costs are not. They reveal the extra expenditure at the end of the trip when you can’t back out from paying.

To know the hidden charges, you gotta read the terms and conditions that are given in the end in a fine text.

7. If You Sleep On The Plane, You Can Avoid Jet Lag

If You Sleep On The Plane, You Can Avoid Jet Lag

Many people misunderstand jetlag as a lack of sleep but it is not exactly that. This is the most common myths about traveling. If it were, we wouldn’t be discussing it, right?

It is just a process in which your body tries to adjust the natural internal clock that regulates your sleeping schedule. Getting used to the new eating, sleeping, and waking times in advance will leave you with a minor shock.

8. Duty-Free Is A Good Bargain

Duty-Free Is A Good Bargain

Did you know duty-free means just “tax-free”? However, you cannot skip paying the retail price. It is non-negotiable. Hence, you will have to pay more at the duty-free shop in some cases.

Do your homework first, and then step into the duty-free store. Check the retail prices beforehand.

9. You Should Exchange Your Currency At The Airport

You Should Exchange Your Currency At The Airport

We should be charging you for this one! If you wish to carry cash with you while you are on board, you better get it from the bank before you head to your trip.

Yes, the bank has some kind of charges to exchange it. However, it is still cheaper than getting it exchanged at the airport. The airport adds the charges at the exchange rate percentage. So, if you save some bucks, get it deposited in our account for clearing out this myth.

10. Street Food Makes You Sick

Street Food Makes You Sick

We aren’t denying that street food can make you sick but you have to be aware that you may get sick with food at a 5-star hotel as well. It depends on your metabolism and eating habits.

The street food can be healthy and nutritious but if it doesn’t suit your diet, it will upset your stomach.

11. You Don’t Need Travel Insurance


You Don’t Need Travel Insurance

You don’t… unless you do! Confused about what we mean? Well, some countries need health insurance or they won’t let you have a visa only.

There are stories about accidents, injuries, and cancellations during your journey. Having insurance will help you cope up with such incidents.

12. Trips Are For Loafers

Trips Are For Loafers

If you are confusing dreamers with loafers, then this is a huge mistake. Loafers are traveling around to kill their time, whereas, dreamers want to travel for exploration and broadening their horizons.

If you have been saving up to get that one experience of tasting freedom, then the dreamer in you will make things work. Also, finding a companion in such journeys is not important. We can also say, the myths about traveling solo is that lonely is totally bizarre and something you shouldn’t believe.

So, now that we have debunked all your myths, how many of you have your bags packed for your trip this year?

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