6 Ways to Stay Warm & Stylish This Winter On A Shoestring Budget

Ways to Stay Warm & Stylish This Winter

Looking stylish yet feeling warm may take some extra effort and think but once you know the basics, you can easily stand out.  How to keep warm in winter? Though winter is a challenging season, It can provide you an opportunity to replenish your wardrobe with more layers and look adorable while wearing these.

Here are six ways how to stay warm in winter and look stylish on a shoestring budget:


  1. Layer with Turtleneck


Turtlenecks are never out of fashion. Serving to both men and women, these can be worn under a dress, coat, and jacket or as a single layer, depending on the weather. The best thing about this is its warmth that allows you to ditch extra layers in chilled weather. A basic color turtleneck gives you the liberty to wear clothes without comprising on fashion.


  1. Puffy Jacket

Puffy Jacket

It is a good alternative for heavy coats. Because of its lightweight and extra warmth, it is best suited for high activity levels like going for hiking. Suitable for all occasions, these go never out of fashion and will prove functional, making it worth every penny spent.


  1. Coats

Winter Coats

Fashion experts advise spending on a coat that can be worn both to work and outing. Woolen blend (alpaca or cashmere) coat is the perfect option to allocate your winter budget as it gives you a sophisticated and warm look. If you admire fur, then go for a fur coat in basic color or animal print.


  1. The Statement Scarf


There are endless ways to style your scarf. A scarf can add a lot to your attire. It does most of the magic with simple and plain looks. With a variety of options available, from heavy to light to furry and great number of print and patterns, scarves are the easiest ways to upgrade your fashion with that extra warmth around your neck.


  1. Cap Does it All!

Winter Cap

It is inappropriate to pile layers of sweaters but leaves the above shoulder part bare. Winters are incomplete without a cap or hat. In fact, caps have now become a styling statement because of their ability to protect head and ears from the chilly winds. It is an important accessory that you need in the winter season. The dark shades and earth tones- black, browns and grays go a long way and complements everything in your wardrobe.


  1. Winter Boots

Winter Boots

Winter boots are a one-time investment, so buy it carefully. Go for waterproof leather or synthetic boots. Also, you can look for shear-ling-lined or fleece-lined styles that will keep your feet warm and dry at the same time.


There are many ways to stay warm to experiment with styling during winters. However, the key is to check your existing wardrobe and then buy things accordingly to avoid wastage on little knick-knacks.

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