7 tips and ways that can turn you into an extrovert

how to be more extroverted

How to be more extroverted

If hanging around with a lot of people ghosts you, then you are missing wonderful things in life. Yes, then you have to admit to yourself and others that you are an introvert. Well, that’s a bigger thing – a question of exposing yourself to others as an introvert causes awkward moments and you might not feel right talking to that person again. In order to perfect your conversations, you rather will sink in a sea full of whales. To avoid that and to make your conversations better, here are some interesting tips that can change your personality entirely. Read this article to know how to be more extroverted.

Toodles to phone, extroverted people use phones for video calls and actual calls

Most of us don’t talk to our family while having dinner because we are constantly on our phone sharing and forwarding information. Hey friend, doing that impacts your personality because suddenly you realize that you don’t socialize at all. Share memes on social media later, but when you are in a group avoid your phone. Get addicted to your friends and not the old friend- your phone. If then also, you fail at a not-looking-at-phone challenge, then keep your phone at home to find better results.

Embrace yourself

If you can’t be fluent in talking, that’s okay. Don’t let you down instead embrace yourself as much as you can. You are also good at something alike everybody, what you just need is to- find that and embrace. Embracing yourself builds up the confidence level and you can initiate a conversation by talking about your interests and hobbies and asking theirs too. Embracing yourself is the first step in how to be more extroverted.

Take initiative

Don’t panic! No one is asking you to have lengthy conversations with anyone. To start with, you can just begin with wishing everybody and asking about how their day was, or what are they planning to do in a day. You will magically end up having beautiful conversations.

Sit in a correct body posture, the bodily key to how to be more extroverted

Your body posture says it all! Believe in yourself and be confident in what you are saying while sitting in a correct posture. Different body postures indicate your personality in different ways.

Hanging out

Wanna hangout? Yes. This should be your answer if you really want to open up with people and make new friends. Stop saying no to your friends outing. In initial days, you might find it difficult to open up but as soon as you get used to them. That’ll bind some cheerful memories and meaning in your life.

Play the dare game with yourself

Dare yourself! Don’t hide yourself when you see an acquaintance coming your way. Instead, meet them, hug and greet them well. Not to just be in someone’s good grace but that bridges the links and might help you in the future.

Comforting in discomfort, extroverts and introverts unite

Comforting in discomfort may sound difficult but actually it’s not. If someone tries to scare you with the same thing, you get scared at first, maybe twice but in the end you get habitual and you don’t feel scared anymore. Similarly, try being in a place where you feel uncomfortable and at the end of this exercise you will add another thing to your comfy. Now you know, how to be more extroverted.

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