Famous Sports In India

Famous Sports In India

India is a diverse nation with a rich culture and heritage. With such richness and diversity, you can expect this nation to have an ample number of sports. We know Haryana is currently powering India’s sport engine but that is not the only state which is enriched with sports.
Here every state has its own sport and they play it with great enthusiasm. We all know of the historical games and famous sports in India like Gilli-Danda, Kho-kho, Pachisi, Kith Kith(hopscotch), Pallanguli, etc.

However, due to the increase in technology, today’s generation is more interested in chicken dinners rather than being a race winner.

We are here to introduce to those few sports, which are famous in states of the nation.

Shall we get started?

1. Kushti



Also known as Pehalwani, this sport is Indian style wrestling. Each player is called Pehlwan. Two players wrestle with each other in Akhada to win the game. Akhada is the area in which players have to practice Indian wrestling. The players have to live under particularly strict circumstances.

Indians are getting out of touch with this sport as they are more involved in modern wrestling. For the same reason, there are only a few Akhadas left in the country.

States that still play this sport are Punjab, Haryana along with Maharashtra.

2. Kabaddi



This sport is known all over the world and its origin resides in India. This team sport takes a lot of stamina, agility, and coordination. It requires skills of both Rugby and wrestling to win over the opposite team.

This 4000-year-old sport is the national sport of Bangladesh. In the sport, a “raider” goes inside the area of opposition team whose 4 team players will be there to catch the raider. If the raider manages to touch one team member and come back to his region safely, his team gets a point. If not, the opposition team gets the point.

3. Mallakhamb



This gymnastic sport is based on a wooden pole and a rope. The Malla means the gymnast and the khamb is the pole. Hence, the name Mallakhamb; this game can also be called gymnast’s pole. It is a beautiful sport that strengthens a person’s core.

The poses and the structure of the body changes beautifully and gracefully. The gymnast needs to have a high level of skill and stability in the body to be a top-notch gymnast.

4. Vallamkali


The traditional game played on the occasion of Onam is Vallamkali. It is a famous water sport of the state and is a treat to the eyes of the people who come to see it from far off places.

The sport is a traditional game played in Kerela and we hope the coming generation continues to show off this enchanting facet of the diverse nation.

5. Jallikattu


The oldest living Asian sport is this one. It is a state sport for Tamil Nadu and it involves young brave men fighting with bulls. This sport was disallow by the country as it was decreasing the number of Pulikulam breeds of bulls. It is a native breed of the state.

The ban was a blessing in disguise as it saved the breed. However, a traditional game came to an end with this ban.

6. Camel Race

camel race


The race of camels with humans on their humps is a major tourist attraction in Rajasthan. It might sound wrong but it means exactly what it sounds like. No pun intended! Pushkar conducts a fair of camels where this race takes place. The city is the oldest in the nation but it recently got hype due to this sport.

Eventually, the sport is gaining popularity and watching it live is an experience you can’t miss out on.

7. Archery


Archery is one of the most ancient sports in the country. Manipur people involve in this sport with enthusiasm and there are people who even involve in it as a pastime activity. Any festival, any event, archery is also one of the famous sports in India that takes place during every celebration.

8. Martial Arts

Martial Arts

It is known as the ancient sport of the country. The Indian form of Martial Arts is called Kalarippayattu and it is a form of art in Kerela. We know of modern martial arts because of this art and we never acknowledge the origin of this art form.

All kinds of Asian martial arts are born from this one. Hence, it is the mother of all forms of this sport.

9. Kambala



This traditional buffalo race is a sport to keep the rural people entertained. In this race, the race-track is a slushy paddy field. Initially, there was no race and people used to do it one by one just for leisure. It is one of the famous sports in India.

With time it has grown to be a competitive sport for all the people in Karnataka.

How was the insight for these traditional sports for you? Feeling enlightened? So, you can leave the techy games for a while and get back to the outdoor sport now.

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