Coronavirus on Diamond Princess – The Cruise Ship Where Covid-19 Spread Like Fire

A single passenger tested positive, ultimately infected 700 passengers Known as a “treasure trove” this sea jewel, Diamond Princess has now turned to a nightmare. Diamond Princess offered a rare opportunity for researchers to understand the nature of this new coronavirus which otherwise would be difficult to evaluate on a wider population. An epidemiologist at […]

Best Snowfall Places to Visit in India

  Winter season brings us the opportunity to visit winter wonderlands to sled, make snow angels and have a snowball fight. If we talk about India, there are only a few locations that receive snowfall in winters, which makes it special for most people living in tropical areas to see snow. Thus, whether you are […]

5 Best Microbreweries in Chandigarh That Are Worth Visiting

What’s better than unwinding a stressful week with your favourite craft beer? That cold mug of freshly brewed beer will wash away all your worries and absorb you in the pleasure of a lively evening.If you think it’s time to get rid of all the blues and cheer yourself with a flavourful craft beer, then […]

Top 5 Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations Outside India

What’s better than embarking on a wonderful journey with the love of your life?honeymoon gives you the exact opportunity to make beautiful memories with your partner at an amazing place. This travel experience will also let you understand your partner better. However, picking a destination for your Honeymoon can be a stressful task, especially if […]

12 Myths About Traveling Debunked

Our Instagram feed is filled with travel blogger’s pictures. The trending terms like “Wanderlust” “Voyage” “Travelbaby” have made everyone obsessed with the idea of exploring the world. However, not many try to explore the world enough. Our question here is “WHY’S THAT?” We are not very sure what goes around in your head but we […]

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