Future Prediction of Cryptocurrency Usage in India

The process of payment systems differed from time to time. Such payments are used and accepted widely to satiate the want of the opposite side. The earlier usage of currency had its form only for fulfilling the wants of another person engaged in the process of a transaction. Such transactions didn’t focus on the existing […]

Operation of SEZ in India, the important machinery in the business world

A Country’s major objective is to increase its business growth in various aspects of areas such as Trade, Commerce, Export, Import and Information Technology, etc. For such growth, various attempts have been made to rise the country and its economic growth in the Global Market. One of such attempts is the creation of the Economic […]

Everything you need to know about Data Analytics

What is Data Analytics? Data Analytics is the science of making sense of raw data in order to draw contusions and solid information. Many techniques of data analytics are automated into mechanical processes and algorithms that work over raw data before human consumption. Data Analytics finds its importance in finding trends, patterns, and metrics that […]

5 ways countries can use technology to fight Corona Virus

You must have seen a stamp on quarantined people coming to India after COVID-19 spread. What was the purpose? COVID-19 is haunting over 100 countries as there is no stopping it. This global pandemic has made the elected governments lean on technology or Artificial Intelligence to get control of the current situation and to prevent […]

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Future Prediction of Cryptocurrency Usage in India

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