Future Prediction of Cryptocurrency Usage in India

The process of payment systems differed from time to time. Such payments are used and accepted widely to satiate the want of the opposite side. The earlier usage of currency had its form only for fulfilling the wants of another person engaged in the process of a transaction. Such transactions didn’t focus on the existing […]

Rishi Kapoor: a timeline for our late beloved actor

Almost all of us would’ve watched ‘Mera Naam Joker’ when we were young. Rishi Kapoor amazing acting and his introduction has been etched in our mind ever since. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2018, he returned to India in September after treatment in New York. Below is the Rishi Kapoor’s timeline for the amazing […]

Your guide to understanding GST in India

History of GST: The GST has been implemented in nearly 160 countries and France was the first country to introduce GST in the year 1954. As the tax ensures various benefits, its introduction has been on the agenda of the country of every ruling party. TIMELINE OF GST IMPLEMENTATION Goods and services tax (GST) – […]

10 facts about Irrfan Khan, a legend who passed away too soon

Irrfan Khan’s death was untimely and he passed away too soon at 53, some of us are yet to watch his movies and his roles on amazing films like Piku, Paan Singh Tomar, etc. Being unwell for a long, he was hospitalized earlier this week for colon infection. Irrfan Khan will stay forever in our […]

Reopening the chapter of Fundamental Duties in India

The exercising power of right is based on two folded idea. The privilege of right can be achieved only by the legal obligation such as to perform the duty to protect the right of oneself and also the right of another. The right and duty of one is to be in balance. The right without […]

Operation of SEZ in India, the important machinery in the business world

A Country’s major objective is to increase its business growth in various aspects of areas such as Trade, Commerce, Export, Import and Information Technology, etc. For such growth, various attempts have been made to rise the country and its economic growth in the Global Market. One of such attempts is the creation of the Economic […]

Indian laws that are being used during the lockdown

Whenever there is an epidemic outbreak the nation will issue a proclamation of emergency. Such an emergency will be different in various forms. Some countries will have a unified emergency immediately suspending all activities, Indian laws are being used during the lockdown, these are made especially for the moments of crisis. Disaster Management Act 2005 […]

7 tips and ways that can turn you into an extrovert

How to be more extroverted If hanging around with a lot of people ghosts you, then you are missing wonderful things in life. Yes, then you have to admit to yourself and others that you are an introvert. Well, that’s a bigger thing – a question of exposing yourself to others as an introvert causes […]

Learn all about the Bhilwara Model that the Govt should use to fight the Covid-19 Pandemic

Bhilwara Bhilwara model refers to the steps taken in Bhilwara which is a city in Rajasthan that has witnessed a large number of cases. Now after a week of being in news, they are back in news for their methods to tackle Coronavirus. SCST, THE BHILWARA MODEL CRUX SCST stands for Surveying, Combining, Screening, and […]

9 Ways To Deal With Your Annoying Roommates During The Quarantine

Covid19 has pushed us all into our corners, sadly some of us have annoying and pathetic people as roommates, maybe it’s vice versa but don’t worry, things can be worked out between you guys. There will be a string of roommates you’ll remember. Some will be lifelong friends; some will be acquaintances and some will […]

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Cryptocurrency in India

Future Prediction of Cryptocurrency Usage in India

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Rishi Kapoor: a timeline for our late beloved actor

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Your guide to understanding GST in India

Irrfan Khan's Death

10 facts about Irrfan Khan, a legend who passed away too soon