Learn all about the Bhilwara Model that the Govt should use to fight the Covid-19 Pandemic


Bhilwara model refers to the steps taken in Bhilwara which is a city in Rajasthan that has witnessed a large number of cases. Now after a week of being in news, they are back in news for their methods to tackle Coronavirus.


SCST stands for Surveying, Combining, Screening, and Testing. This process seems to be working as in the last 5 days there have been no reported cases in this Coronavirus hotspot. This town has been called “India’s Italy” as out of 43 initial cases in Rajasthan 20 were from here.

And out of 27 cases, 17 were healthcare staff and doctors. The first case was a doctor himself.

The city has been in since March 19. Even the district borders were sealed in the complete lockdown and there was a ban on any kind of movement. There are containment zones that do not allow anyone to enter or exit.


Door to door surveillance covered 22 lakh of the city’s population within a week, the entire population of 28 lakh people was screened to determine the people who were suffering from influenza-like illness.


Many houses were surveyed again. 7000 people were quarantined and were also monitored via an app. Not stopping there the city now disinfects containment zones and hotspots daily and also its ambulances, police vehicles and public offices.


To keep everyone at home, there’s a supply of essential goods at the doorsteps of the people.


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