Best Places to Celebrate New Year in India

Best Places to Celebrate New Year in India

New Year is just around the corner. The time has come to dump the negativity and look forward to a positive year ahead. Some of you may prefer to stay at home for celebrating New Year’s Eve but many want to begin the year in the mesmerizing beauty of new places. Also, it is an opportunity to discover a new place if you haven’t traveled in an entire year. So, here are top 5 Best Places to Celebrate New Year in India & make your New Year memorable:


  1. Jaisalmer (Rajasthan)

Jaisalmer Rajasthan

What can be better than to be in the warmth of desserts on chilled New Year’s night? Though you can visit many places in Rajasthan, it is better to stick to a certain place at a time to explore it fully. This unique city has many appealing places that will make you fall in love with itself. There is no paucity of events and you can celebrate the New Year in your style. You can visit:

  • Sona Quilla to see the magnificent architecture,
  • ride a boat in Gadisar Lake,
  • have a leisure time at Bada garden,
  • get spooky vibes at Kuldhara valley or dive in the natural beauty of wildlife at Desert National Park.
  • You may indulge yourself in parasailing, camel safari or go for heritage walks, whatever suits you. So go ahead and see what Jaisalmer has for you this New Year.


  1. Ladakh


For those who love to take the odd road and chill in rugged mountains in the cold weather, Ladakh is the perfect destination to celebrate New Year. Ladakh is marked by a 15-day celebration called Losar at this time of the year. Its vibrant culture, folk dances and large processions of artists with masks make you feel impeccable. You can experience local hospitality as the locals welcome the tourists open-heartedly. You can:

  • Visit monasteries
  • Get an exhilarating bike ride to Khardung La pass
  • Do to Pangong lake and play ice hockey
  • Trek on a frozen river


  1. Kullu Manali

Kullu Manali

You will never get enough of hills till you visit Kullu Manali. Often referred to as the Valley of Gods, Kullu has the traffic of tourists around the year. With its scenic beauty and beautiful weather, it makes a perfect place to just wander in hills and meet new people. Besides, there is the Thantrick Trance music festival organized at this time of the year to entertain tourists. You can also go to the Manali wildlife sanctuary to experience the paradise of living creatures.


  1. Andaman and Nicobar Island

Andaman Nicobar Island

Bid goodbye to the old year in cool weather of Andaman. Blue sparkling seas and white sand beaches characterize this island. Its rich greenery and vibrant scenic beauty make it a place to get away from the routine life and welcome 2020 here. There are a plethora of activities that will endlessly excite you to dive into the fun spirits of the island. You can go to:

  • Rajiv Gandhi water sports complex to do high-speed boat rides, coral safari, Jet Ski and many more adventure sports.
  • Havelock Island to experience great beaches.
  • Neil Island to scuba dive, speed boating and snorkeling.


  1. Pondicherry


Famous for French heritage, Pondicherry is a unique place to celebrate New Year. It celebrates the occasion with late-night parties on the beach. Electrifying performances in streets add thunder to the amusement. People celebrate with bonfire and firecrackers at the beach. So have fun in the French style in Pondicherry this New Year’s eve.

You can find many places to celebrate the new year in India. Every place has its uniqueness, so select a destination that you feel is ideal for you to celebrate the new year.

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