5 Best Microbreweries in Chandigarh That Are Worth Visiting


What’s better than unwinding a stressful week with your favourite craft beer? That cold mug of freshly brewed beer will wash away all your worries and absorb you in the pleasure of a lively evening.If you think it’s time to get rid of all the blues and cheer yourself with a flavourful craft beer, then Chandigarh is the best place where you should be.

Chandigarh has experienced nightlife revival in the past few years with several microbreweries flourishing within the city. Here is the list of 5 best breweries in Chandigarh where you can sit back and relax while sipping amazing craft beer flavours.


  1. Qizo


Located in Sector 26, Qizo offers delectable craft beers to its customers. Along with offering a wide range of in-house beer flavours, the outlet also serves several international cuisines. Qizo’s bar menu has numerous options ranging from premium lager to scotch and whiskey. Besides, you can also quench your thirst with delicious yet unique cocktails from which Christi Dreams and Disco Dreams are top on their menu.


  1. The Brew Estate

The Brew Estate

The Brew Estate is the most popular microbrewery chain in the entire Chandigarh as well as in North India. The Brewpub has outlets in multiple locations within the city, which makes it viable for beer-lovers to never miss a chance of hanging out there. They specialize in authentic Belgium and German craft beers with original flavours. Besides, their menu is loaded with tons of delicious starters and snacks that complement a freshly brewed mug of beer.

The microbrewery offers a variety of flavours including Avarian Weiss, Belgian Wheat, Premium Lager, and Red Ale. Moreover, this brewery is known for organizing fun events regularly and their seasonal craft beer flavours. The combination of amazing beer, food, décor, ambience and courteous staff makes sure that customers have a wonderful time at The Brew Estate.


  1. The Great Bear Kitchen and Microbrewery

The Great Bear Kitchen and Microbrewery is also known for serving delectable craft beers in Chandigarh. The exquisite flavours of wheat and hops in fresh beers make The Great Bear a paradise for beer lovers. They also have a variety of tikkas and other savoury snacks that you can enjoy along with their fine craft beer.


  1. Beach N Brew

beach and brew

With its flavoursome in-house beers and electrifying ambience, Beach n Brew promises you a great time at their outlet. They serve four different flavours of freshly brewed beer that include Wheat Beer, Red Lager, Pineapple Saison, and Dark Ale. The interiors feel like a place from a fairytale with a boat sitting scenario. Also, it has both indoor and outdoor seating to cater to a variety of customers. The aura, chilled flavourful beer, and courteous staff make it a great place to hang out with your friends and loved ones.


  1. Barcode IXC



Located in Industrial Phase 1, this microbrewery has managed to make it among the top five microbreweries in Chandigarh due to its several beers and food options.The place is a preferred place to chill and enjoy a beer with your party mates. Their menu features European and Italian food delicacies that are a must-try. Additionally, the outlet’s unique and novel ambience is something that will make you fall in love with this place.

If you live in Chandigarh or visiting the city and want to taste the best craft beer, then you can consider the aforementioned microbreweries that are the best in the town.


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