9 Ways To Deal With Your Annoying Roommates During The Quarantine

Covid19 has pushed us all into our corners, sadly some of us have annoying and pathetic people as roommates, maybe it’s vice versa but don’t worry, things can be worked out between you guys. There will be a string of roommates you’ll remember. Some will be lifelong friends; some will be acquaintances and some will be the type to stay away from.

There will be people who will eat your food, litter everywhere and will never pay rent on time. If you can live with that person with all the drug smell, you can live with everyone.

1.  The ones who aren’t taking the epidemic seriously

These are not washing hands, carrying a sanitizer, going out too often without a mask and may haven’t taken a bath for days.

Text forward them a government advisory. Show them the death stats. If nothing works, serve them a notice, if things still don’t work, you’d have to connect to the concerned government authorities.

2. The ones who act surprised whenever the rent is due and they’ll always be late

You’ve to get on action here, set reminders, one week before the rent is due and also two days before the rent is due. You’ll seem annoying but it’s worth it to be more secure financially.

3. The ones with frequent visits to the fridge

There’s ice cream in the freezer you’ve saved for later, you’re salivating reaching home from office, you open the door, and voila there’s spoonful left scattered all over.

Well this is a serious problem, again, talk it out. The cherry on top would be the bill you’ll be handing them for the food.

4. The ones who eat weird food and it stinks!

Imagine a can of Tuna lying around for a second day, or a freshly opened tiffin from two days. There’s a whole fungal growth on the bread and now it has spread all over your room/apartment. You might as well puke a little.

This is because if packed/canned food can get messy. Encourage your roommate to get cooking classes, plan meals, come up with a schedule together. And cut down on waste and leftover food.

5. The ones who take your stuff without your permission

That expensive trimmer you got online, it cuts your beard in under 2 minutes and you love it. Now the same thing goes over someone’s pubic hair. The first thing you’ll do is throw away the damned precious trimmer.

You’d have to be straightforward here, don’t let them assume that just because it’s made for trimming hair, they can run it over anything before asking you first.

6. The ones who create a mess everywhere

Is there anyone who like to clean up after other people. No never, there’s only one Monica and she’s fictional. You won’t be able to watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S when a dirty underwear will be lying on the couch.

Take a stick, use it to pick that underwear and shove it in a plastic bag, shove everything lying in a trash bag, leave the vacuum near the trash and let the roommate trip over it.

7. The ones who are always passed out with their friends

You won’t like bunch of ass cracks lying around when you enter the room. They are so passed out on the floor that you can hop from one person to another without them noticing.

Again, get upfront and tell them that it’s unhealthy. Advise them to get help for their drinking problem and offer two or three solutions yourself like support groups.

8. The ones who always have a significant other over

You know there must be bodily fluids on every darned surface when you see those two hanging around in the apartment. It shows in their cheeky grin when you lean against the kitchen counter.

Don’t get back by getting your gf/bf over all the time. Maybe you can talk it out or get a piece of rent from the S.O too.

9. The ones who literally are psychopaths

These are the worst; they’ll manipulate you whole and play with your mind. Speak trash about you and things related to you in an indirect and unfamiliar way. Let me break it to you, there isn’t anything worse than this.

Solution? Kick them out. Serve them a notice right away. Well, you’ve to deal with annoying roommates right away.

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