5 steps to be safe during COVID-19 pandemic

It’s enough of everyone’s non-seriousness towards the global pandemic. Now it’s time to take it seriously by following certain steps that can contribute to stabilizing the current public health crisis.

Stay indoors

Every time, we wanted a break from the fast-running world but now when we are asked to stay at home, we are jumping out. Everybody is preferred to stay indoors, self-isolate or self-quarantine themselves whether they are infected or not. Repeated pleas from govt. and healthcare departments to stay indoors should be taken seriously to break the chain of infected people. Any kind of non-seriousness by any citizen would be troubling for the entire nation. You should also pledge to follow instructions given by governmental authorities.

Wash Hands

Washing hands is always a really good habit. Then why not opt it at the time of a pandemic? Using hand sanitizer is secondary but washing hands with water and soap for 20 seconds after every 20 minutes is a primary step taken by everybody to prevent COVID-19. The battle against COVID-19 starts with taking precautions from our homes.

Avoid close contact

Don’t even shake hands to your best buddy! Say Namaste! Maintain a minimum distance of one meter to avoid the prevention of the virus. Social distance yourself, by avoiding going to crowded places.

Wear N95 masks

Wearing masks is not mandatory for everybody but if you are sick or in contact with someone infected from COVID-19 you have to wear mask long with washing your hands and sanitizing them with alcohol-based soap. Proper disposal of masks is also recommended.

Boost your immune system

Agreeing on the fact that taking care of ourselves is a difficult task than sleeping and eating but that’s the one which can shield you to give a strong fight to coronavirus. Just relax in your homes and stay safe. Build your immunity. Follow these steps to be safe during COVID-19 pandemic. Eat well, stay home and exercise.

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